Reproductive Care Center's
Colorado Infertility and IVF Clinics

Reproductive Care Center provides infertility clinics in conjunction with several local OB/GYN's. Board certified infertility specialists conduct the fertility evaluation and provide treatment in cooperation with your primary physician resulting in the best possible treatment coordination and patient care.

If you require advanced reproductive technologies, such as IVF, you can be monitored in Colorado rather than having to travel to our Sandy, Utah Infertility clinic. Most patients won’t require IVF and will become pregnant using medications or medication with intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Your local doctor can monitor your progress and provide additional support and advice. If you require IUI, the entire procedure can be conducted in Colorado.

Reproductive Care Center is a leading provider of infertility services for patients in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado and was the first infertility clinic in Utah. RCC’s staff includes five highly trained board certified reproductive endocrinologists with extensive clinical experience.

We look forward to working with your obstetrician/gynecologist to provide you with the best chance of having the baby of your dreams. The ideal treatment situation is when your OB can work directly with your fertility doctor. The obstetricians’ offices hosting infertility clinics in Idaho are listed below:

Colorado Infertility and IVF Clinic Locations

Please Call 801-878-8888 to Schedule Your Visit

  • Women’s Care of Western Colorado
    2525 N 8th Street,
    Grand Junction, CO 81501

  • Mesa Women’s Health Care
    1060 Orchard Ave,
    Grand Junction CO 81501

  • Colorado West Women’s Care
    750 Wellington #3C
    Grand Junction, CO 81501

Most insurance companies are accepted as payment in full after payment of your co-pay. Please call 801-878-8888 to make an appointment for an OB office consult, or contact us via e-mail.