Reproductive Care Center Companies

Reproductive Care Center is divided into three companies for billing and insurance purposes. These companies are Reproductive Care Associates, PC, Reproductive Care Center, PC, and Reproductive Care Finance, PC (RC). These company names will appear on the bill depending upon which services were provided.

Reproductive Care Associates, PC (RCA - Tax ID 87-0558673) is a preferred provider for many insurance companies. Initial consults, follow-up consultations, and diagnostic infertility testing, except those for assisted reproductive technology procedures, are billed by RCA. Insurance will be billed by RCA and usually a co-pay will be required.

Reproductive Care Center, PC (RCC - Tax Id 87-0679784 ) provides advanced reproductive care services such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), donor egg, gestational surrogacy, embryology, andrology including the semen analysis with Kruger strict morphology, semen preparation for insemination, and other procedures.

Reproductive Care, PC (RC – Tax Id 20-8202773) provides a 100% IVF Money Back Guarantee Program and financing and payment plans for in vitro fertilization and donor egg services. RC also provides multiple cycle discount packages for IVF. There are no insurance companies, that we are aware of, that will pay for 100% IVF Money Back Guarantee contracts.

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