What Patients Say About Reproductive Care Center

Our Patient Comments

The doctor ratings streaming below came from verified patients at Reproductive Care Center without any editing. We find patient feedback indespinsible in helping us improve our services.

We hope that when evaluating your options for fertility care in the Utah and the Intermountain Region you will find the following reviews of our doctors, staff, and office helpful.

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Keith Blauer, MD

James S. Heiner,MD

Harry Hatasaka, MD

John L. Gililland, MD

Patient Survey Results

The information below was collected from patients using the eIVF electronic medical record system. Patients use eIVF on a regular basis to review their treatments and communicate with our staff.

  • Over 97% of patients would refer others to our practice.
  • Over 97% of patients were satisfied with the knowledge of the physician.
  • 97% of patients are satisfied with the quality of care they are receiving.
  • Over 95% of patients feel their care team is sensitive to their level of anxiety.
  • 95% of our patients feel that procedures are adequately explained.
  • Over 99% of patients feel that the nursing staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.
  • Over 90% of patients felt the insurance and billing department was willing to help.
  • Over 95% of patients feel the reception staff if very courteous and professional.
  • Over 97.5% of patients feel that their appointment was scheduled promptly and to their satisfaction.
  • 90% of patients are seen within 30 minutes of their arrival.
  • 96% of patients feel the office runs efficiently and on-time.
  • More than 40% of patients are offered an appointment within one week.
  • 96% of our patients think the office has an excellent appearance.

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