Steps in the Donor Egg Process

Step 1: Consultation at Our Salt Lake City, UT Donor Egg Program

New patients have an initial patient consultation with one of our infertility specialists. This provides the opportunity to review their medical history and determine if they are medically a good candidate for the donor egg program.

Couples also consult with a member of the billing department to discuss donor egg IVF financial options. RCC offers various pricing options including a money back guarantee for frozen donor egg IVF if you do not deliver a baby.

Step 2: Screening

There are many medical tests that will be completed prior to beginning the donor egg cycle (additional tests needed for recipients 45 or older). In addition to medical tests, the donor egg recipient couple will have a psychological screening from a licensed psychologist. Both the wife and husband need to attend this meeting. This is the couple’s opportunity to explore their feelings about using an egg donor and to discuss the issue of disclosure.

Step 3: Selecting a Donor

Picking an egg donor is the most important and exciting step. Egg donors provide medical and genetic history, personal information, childhood photos, and adult photos. Extensive information found in the egg donor profiles allows the couple to select a donor who fits their personal preferences.

Step 4: Cycle Coordination

Once the couple has selected their egg donor, and paid the matching fee to reserve the donor, the coordination process begins. The menstrual cycles of the egg donor and recipient are synchronized using oral contraceptive pills and Lupron injections. The donor will begin taking FSH injections to stimulate egg production, while the recipient takes estrogen to prepare the lining of the uterus for the embryo transfer.

On the day of egg retrieval, the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory with the recipient husband's sperm (IVF), or injected into the eggs (ICSI). Typically, three to five days later the embryo(s) are then transferred to the recipient's uterus. Two weeks later a pregnancy test is performed, which we sincerely hope will be positive.

Egg Donor Agencies

  • Fairfax EggBank- a subsidiary of the Genetics and IVF Institute along with Fairfax Cryobank, one of the nation’s largest sperm banks. Fairfax Cryobank was born out of a successful model for gamete (egg, sperm) cryopreservation (freezing) and shipping. Fairfax EggBank provides many options for choosing the right highly screened egg donor. Reproductive Care Center also provides frozen eggs to Fairfax Cryobank.
  • The Donor Solution- Egg donor agency. Managed by a nurse that once worked with Dr. Blauer.

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