Donor Egg Recipient FAQS

How many eggs will be available?

Eight to twenty eggs are usually retrieved from each stimulation cycle.

How does RCC screen egg donors?

Egg donors must meet high medical and personal standards. They undergo a comprehensive screening process and more than half of applicants aren’t accepted. She must have good physical and emotional health, appropriate weight for height, excellent personal character and no major genetic disease in herself or her family.

How does a patient select an egg donor?

RCC offers many extraordinary donors. Each donor provides extensive information including her medical and genetic history, personal interests, and childhood photos. Adult photos can be viewed at the clinic with a staff member present.

What happens after a donor is selected?

The recipient pays a deposit to reserve the donor. The donor egg coordinator contacts the donor and recipient with instructions for synchronizing their menstrual cycles and assists with every step of the process.

Why are recipients encouraged to select more than one donor?

Each donor’s schedule and flexibility varies and she might not be available when the patient wants to do her cycle. If the recipient's first choice is not available, they can opt to wait or continue with their second choice.

How do patients decide if using an egg donor is the right option?

RCC has monthly support groups patientsled by the donor egg coordinator. This is an open forum giving patients the opportunity to hear the thoughts of others who had the procedure. The coordinator also explains the donor process in detail. You don’t have to be a current patients to attend the support group. Contact the coordinator to register.

Patients are also required to undergo psychological screening with a licensed mental health professional.

What is the cost?

A donor egg cycle is more expensive than traditional IVF. However, it is often the most effective option and may have the highest chance of success per dollar spent. The cost for a fresh donor egg cycle varies depending on whether a known or an anonymous (friend, relative) donor is used. We keep donor reimbursement fees reasonable by recruiting donors who donate because of a sincere desire to help others rather than for financial gain.

Egg Donor Agencies

  • Fairfax EggBank- a subsidiary of the Genetics and IVF Institute along with Fairfax Cryobank, one of the nation’s largest sperm banks. Fairfax Cryobank was born out of a successful model for gamete (egg, sperm) cryopreservation (freezing) and shipping. Fairfax EggBank provides many options for choosing the right highly screened egg donor. Reproductive Care Center also provides frozen eggs to Fairfax Cryobank.
  • The Donor Solution- Egg donor agency. Managed by a nurse that once worked with Dr. Blauer.

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