Donor Embryo Steps

Step 1: Consultation

If new to RCC, couples will need to have an initial patient consultation with a physician. This is the couple’s opportunity to review their medical history with the doctor and to determine if they are medically a good candidate for the donor egg program. Established patients will need to schedule a follow up with their doctor to discuss embryo adoption. Couples also need to have a consultation with a staff member from the billing department to discuss financing the medical and screening aspects of their donor embryo cycle.

Step 2: Screening

The recipient couple will need to complete infectious disease testing and undergo and pass a home study. Once complete, the couple can begin the matching process.

Step 3: Matching

The Donor Embryo Coordinator will assist you in being matched with donated embryos. To begin the matching process the couple will fill out a match request form and submit it to the Donor Embryo Coordinator. Once received, the coordinator will email or mail 3-4 donor embryo profiles that are the best available match for the c

ouple’s preferences, and the couple can select from these.

Step 4: Cycle Coordination

Once matched with donated embryos, a calendar will be created and given to the couple. The recipient woman will take medications to suppress her ovaries and grow her uterine lining. When ready, the embryos will be thawed and transferred into the recipient woman’s uterus. Two weeks later the women will have a blood draw pregnancy test.

Embryo Donation