Infertility Treatment, Managing Cost

Infertility treatments are not always expensive because many first line therapies, such as medications and /or IUI are often effective. Fertility treatment costs increase if more advanced technologies are required. Dependant upon your insurance plan, sometimes diagnostic testing is covered, however, most plans do not cover infertility treatments.

Our goal at Reproductive Care Center is to give patients the best service and highest pregnancy success rates at the lowest possible cost.

We want to make it possible for patients to receive the fertility treatments needed to become pregnant. Infertility treatment can be more affordable than you may think and we have ways to help. We offer many innovative programs to help patients afford treatment.

When you come to Reproductive Care Center's Utah infertility clinic, you will receive care from four of the most highly trained, experienced, infertility specialists (Reproductive Endocrinologists) in the Utah and Intermountain region. Studies have shown that specialist care is often less expensive and pregnancy rates are higher. This is because specialists have undergone advanced educational and clinical training enabling them to "rule out" all potential causes of infertility.

In consult with each patient, our specialists prescribe the therapy most likely to result in pregnancy while considering many factors, including cost.

The links at the top of the page point to the many programs offered to help patients afford infertility treatments including our IVF 100% Money Back Guarantee programs, multiple IVF cycle discounts , financing for IVF treatments, and more.

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