100% Money Back Guarantee IVF Programs

The goal of all patients is to have a baby and those choosing the IVF Guarantee Program will either have a baby or our fees will be refunded.

Those choosing the guarantee program pay one fee for the services outlined below. Those opting for traditional IVF pay for each cycle and the associated frozen embryo transfers.

Choosing to pay for single cycles can be less expensive if pregnancy occurs within two cycles, however, some patients will need more than two cycles. If you don’t have a baby after completing the guarantee program, your refund can be used for further treatment or to pursue other options.

We offer two types of guarantee programs: 1) fresh: where your eggs are used and 2) frozen: where donor eggs are used.

Fresh Cycle IVF Guarantee Program


  • Up to 4 fresh IVF treatment cycles.
  • All available frozen embryo transfers between IVF cycles.
  • 100% refund of our fees if you don’t have a baby.

You must apply and be accepted for this program. Diagnostic testing must be completed and, based on the results, additional premiums may apply. Over 90% of patients are accepted.

Frozen Donor Egg IVF Guarantee Program


  • Up to 4 frozen donor egg IVF treatment cycles (4 thaw, fertilization and transfer cycles).
  • Donor screening fees.
  • Donor medications.
  • All available frozen embryo transfer cycles.
  • All treatment fees including anesthesia.
  • 100% refund of our fees if you don’t have a baby.

Recipient medications such as estrogen and progesterone aren’t covered.


The price for the fresh cycle program is $26,305 and doesn’t include the cost of medications or anesthesia. Based on the results of diagnostic testing, additional premiums may apply.

The price of the frozen donor egg program is $36,123. Additional premiums may apply based on your medical history or if additional procedures are desired (embryo testing, surrogacy, etc.)

We offer low interest financing and a 2% discount for cash payment. We encourage you to call or e-mail the billing staff for more details.

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