The Initial Consult

We schedule new patient appointments at our offices Monday-Friday. Limited appointments are available in Sandy on Saturday. If the patient’s schedule is flexible, one of our infertility specialists is usually available for initial consultation within one week of an appointment request.

At the initial consult, provide patients with as much information as possible regarding the diagnostic fertility tests that are indicated, specific infertility treatment options,and the fertility prognosis.

Many insurance companies pay for the initial consult (co-pay may be required). The full fee for service price for the initial consult varies ($279-$377 ) based on several variables including, the amount of time spent with the patient, the amount of time spent with the husband, or spent reviewing the husband's medical information, amount of time spent reviewing the wife's prior medical records, the extent of the chart review, and whether the patient has had previous infertility treatment.

Diagnostic testing is not included in the cost of the consultation.

Once the appointment is scheduled, our Scheduling department assigns patients a username and password for access to our electronic patient portal so that the pre visit forms can be completed.

Patients without infertility insurance coverage should inquire about our pre-paid cash discount for the initial visit. We provide a significant discount for self pay new patients if paid at the time of service. 

Initial consults are also available by phone. The consult must be paid by credit card when scheduled. Insurance does not pay for phone consults.

Follow-Up Appointments and Consultations

Please ensure that all recommended tests have been completed and allow 1-2 weeks for the reports to be reviewed by your physician before scheduling the follow-up appointment. This enables us to provide the best advice possible.

At the follow-up visit, we provide as much information as possible regarding diagnostic test results, specific treatment recommendations, and when appropriate, the fertility prognosis.

Many insurance companies will pay for the follow-up consults and appointments, however, a co-pay may be required. The fee for follow-up office appointments varies from $98 - $215.

Follow-up visits are also available by phone and the cost can range from $50-$215. Payment by credit card of an average estimated fee of $98 is required at the time of scheduling.

There is usually no charge to answer a simple question requiring only a few minutes. Usually our trained infertility nurses can answer this type of question. Insurance does not pay for phone consults.