Common Infertility Procedure and Test Costs

The prices listed here are the prepaid cash discount package prices. Prices are subject to change. Many patients have insurance coverage for some of the items below:

Common Charges for IUI and IVF Related Treatments

More information is available on our IUI cost page.

IVF Basic Prices with Summary of Options

Additional premiums or fees may apply to the following base fees for additional procedures such as ICSI, please discus with our billing office for specific details. Prices are subject to change.

Single Fresh IVF Cycle

IVF Multiple Cycle Discount*

Multiple Cycle discount plans include the indicated number of fresh cycles and any frozen cycles associated with those fresh cycles.

* Patients must apply and be approved for this program.

100% Money Back IVF Guarantee Refund Programs

See our IVF Money Back Guarantee Program page for full details.

Fresh Cycles

Prices start at $23,097*

* Patients must apply and be approved for this program.

All IVF cycle payments are due 2 weeks prior to starting the IVF cycle so a nurse can order your IVF medications. If payment is not received in full, the nurse CANNOT order your medications.

Frozen Donor Egg Cycles

Prices start at $35,345

Helping Make Treatments Affordable

We believe that our services are competitively priced. If you have questions regarding our charges or the billing process, please feel free to contact our billing department.

If you believe that you can obtain a similar service from similarly highly qualified nursing, lab staff or infertility specialist in the United States, our office administrator would be happy to review and discuss any written quote (that includes an appropriate description of the services that are included or excluded) to help you compare the cost of services. We will match and beat any legitimate quote by 2% for similar services in the Utah area.

Call or E-mail billing for detailed cost information about the prices listed here.