Infertility and Insurance

Many insurance companies in Utah cover the initial evaluation and diagnostic testing. We bill the insurance company for services when appropriate. Regretfully, many insurance carriers do not cover infertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

There are differences in the insurance preferred provider status for each of the Reproductive Care Companies based upon the services they provide.

Insurance assistance can also be obtained through a service called Fertility LifeLines. They will call the insurance company to verify benefits for both infertility treatments and medications. Call 1-866-Lets Try or 1-866-538-7879; Monday - Friday 8 am - 12 am EST and Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 6 PM EST.

Reproductive Care Associates, PC (RCA - Tax ID 87-0558673) is the preferred provider for the many insurance companies. Call for details.

Reproductive Care Center minimizes the cost of the initial consult for patients that have insurance where RCA infertility specialists are not preferred providers, such as SelectMed or Altius.

Semen analysis with Kruger strict morphology testing can be done at Alta View Hospital (through collaboration with Reproductive Care Center).

RCA usually sends lab tests to LabCorp which is a preferred provider for almost all insurance companies in Utah. Insurance companies such as SelectMed and Altius currently do not cover the cost of fertility treatment but Reproductive Care Center provides significant discounts for patients that are self pay.

Insurance Notice about Tri- Care and Tri-West
Please note that all Tri-Care and Tri-West patients must have a referral on file before an appointment will be scheduled. Please have the appropriate form completed and faxed into our office. Lab tests and other procedures recommended usually also require pre-authorization. See the Tri-West Website.  

Please check your fertility benefits with your insurance provider as plans vary widely in their coverage. Most insurance companies provide coverage for the infertility evaluation but many do not provide coverage for therapy.