IVF, Financing Application

IVF Loan Application

RCC works with couples to help them plan for the expense that may be associated with infertility treatments. We offer several innovative programs such as our IVF 100% Money Back Guarantee. You deliver a live baby or your money is refunded

In addition to traditional forms of payment, we offer couples needing IVF low interest rate loans with reasonable repayment terms. We don't want economics to prevent any couple from having the child of their dreams and financial counselors work closely with each family.

Interests rate vary starting at 4% APR with an average of 10-14% APR depending on the credit worthiness of the applicant. Please check with billing to request an application and to obtain more information by E-mail. A decision regarding approval is usually available within one week of receiving the completed application.

Complete the financial application on-line or contact our billing office to receive an application.

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