Choosing Tubal Reversal Surgery or IVF

Our board certified infertility specialists can help determine if tubal reversal or IVF is the best option for you. To start this process, a free 15 minute phone call is arranged with one of our nurse practitioners who will schedule the appropriate testing. This testing should be completed before consulting with a physician to provide as much information as possible. If available, send a copy of your tubal ligation operative report to our office for review. The type of ligation you had influences tubal reversal success rates.

Tests will be ordered, including an ovarian assessment report to determine the egg quality and a semen analysis to assess the sperms quantity/quality. These same tests are needed to determine a patient’s suitability for IVF. Using this information, and considering other variables, we can advise you regarding the likelihood of tubal reversal success compared to IVF.

Our infertility specialists are usually available for initial consultations within 1 week and are available in our Sandy Office Monday-Saturday. At the initial consult we try to provide patients with as much information as possible regarding the results of diagnostic fertility tests that have been completed (or additional tests needed), specific treatment options and their fertility prognosis.

Many insurance companies pay for the initial consult (co-pay may be required). The fee for the initial consult varies based upon the amount of time the physician has to spend reviewing both partners charts and other variables. New consults with a fertility specialist are available Mon. - Sat in our Sandy office.

Once you have scheduled your appointment with our Scheduling department they will assign you a username and password for access to the patient portal. Completing the patient portal questionnaire and obtaining all pertinent medical records in advance will allow our physicians to have access to all your records prior to your arrival. This enables us to provide the best advice possible for your particular medical situation during your initial consultation.

Call Reproductive Care Center at 801-878-8888 or contact us via E-mail to schedule an appointment.

Tubal Reversal