Tubal Reversal Surgery

Many women who previously had their tubes tied seek to have the procedure reversed. In many cases, women must decide if surgical tubal reversal surgery of IVF has the highest chance for success. We have expert tubal reversal surgeons and our IVF success rates are excellent.

Many factors must be considered when deciding whether IVF or tubal several surgery is the best choice.. These factors include the type of tubal ligation surgery done, female age (ovarian reserve ), the presence of male factor, and others.

Some of the best candidates for tubal reversal surgery are younger women with good ovarian reserve. These women have time to complete numerous natural intercourse cycles thus increasing the chances of success. Per cycle success rates with IVF are much higher then tubal reversal, however, some women require more than one cycle.

Women with reduced ovarian reserve (OR) may have very limited time to conceive using their own eggs. Egg quality can decrease rapidly in many women culminating in menopause. IVF is usually the best choice in these women. When OR is very low donor egg IVF is the best treatment option.

Tubal Reversal