Tubal Reversal Surgery Pregnancy Success Rates

Tubal reversal surgery success rates vary widely dependent upon numerous factors such as patient age, how the tubes were tied, coexisting fertility issues, and the male partner’s fertility. In general, good candidates under 35 years of age can expect tubal reversal pregnancy rates between 65-70% within two years of the tubal reversal surgery.

Younger women have a higher pregnancy rate per cycle and have more time to attempt natural conception after a tubal reversal than older women. As women age, the quality and quantity of their eggs decline and older women (>34) have lower pregnancy rates per cycle with less time to attempt natural conception after tubal reversal. If pregnancy has not been achieved after 6 months, if over age 34, or 12 months if less than age 35, one of our reproductive endocrinologist/infertility specialists should be consulted for a complete evaluation.

Tubal Reversal Surgery Expected Success Rates

Estimated Monthly and Cumulative Pregnancy Rates for Patients Trying to Conceive for 1 Year with no Known Medical Problems

Pregnancy Rate per Month Cumulative Chance for Conception After 1 Year
20-24 15% 85%
25-29 11% 75%
30-34 8% 60%
35-39 6% 50%
40-44 3% 30%
45-49 <1% 5%
50+ 0% 0%

IVF After Tubal Sterilization: Expected Success Rates

IVF success rates are primarily dependent upon patient age, having a normal uterine cavity and having adequate sperm as well as coexisting fertility issues. In general, good candidates under 35 years of age can expect cumulative IVF success rates between 60-90%% after 4 IVF attempts. As egg quality and quantity declines, the chances that IVF will be successful are decreased. At any age, per cycle success rates for IVF are significantly higher than per cycle success rates for tubal reversal surgery.

Estimated Per Cycle and Cumulative Pregnancy Rates (4 Fresh Treatment Cycles) for Patients Who Have Been Trying to Conceive Using IVF.

Age Pregnancy Rate per IVF Cycle Cumulative Chance of Conception
after 4 IVF Cycles
20-24 60% >90%
25-29 55% >90%
30-34 50% >88%
35-39 35% 80%
40-41 20% 59%
42-43 10% 34%
44 2% 5%

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