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Reproductive Care Center's Utah Fertility Clinics

Helping Couples Overcome Infertility

If you are trying to have a baby, the staff at Reproductive Care Center (RCC), Utah’s leading fertility clinic, can help you realize your dream. We know the financial, emotional, and physical stresses that can be associated with infertility treatments.

We realize the importance of providing care in a compassionate and understanding environment. Our Reproductive Endocrinologists, Infertility specialists and fertility clinic staff have extensive experience working with infertile couples.  We encourage you to review our patients’ excellent evaluations of our services.

Our Web site includes a page on why it is critical to see a fertility specialist early in the course of your infertility evaluation. Pregnancy success rates are higher, and cost is usually lower, when treatments are directed to a patient’s specific problems by a specialist.

IVF and IUI Success Rates Infertility Video Seminar

A couple’s first concern is usually: “What are my chances of taking home a baby?” Dependent upon the cause(s) of infertility, advanced technologies are usually not needed. Simple ovulation enhancement with oral medications is effective in 20-30% of infertile couples. If more aggressive therapy is needed, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often a good relatively low cost treatment option.

In RCC’s intrauterine insemination (IUI) program, up to 23 % of patients will achieve pregnancy in each treatment cycle with an estimated cumulative pregnancy rate greater than 50% within three treatment cycles depending on the ovulation induction protocol used.   Many patients, even those with long standing infertility, don’t require in vitro fertilization (IVF). Ovulation induction and IUI provide good success rates at much lower cost for most patients.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine specifically prohibits clinics from comparing their IVF success rates based upon reports submitted to the CDC and SART because of numerous couple specific variables. For example, one clinic may have younger females, which have a better chance of conception thus inflating success rates. ASRM states that direct clinic comparisons are very misleading.

RCC implemented 100% Money Back Guarantee IVF programs to help couples achieve pregnancy and delivery of a live baby.  If a live baby is not delivered after completion of the program, your money is refunded.  94% of couples (152/161 couples) who have completed our Money Back Guarantee program (2000- 2004) have delivered a live baby.  This program offers a very high chance for pregnancy and delivery.   If success is not achieved, the 100% refund can be used to pursue adoption or the use of donor egg.

Affording Infertility Treatments

Cost is always a concern since advanced infertility treatments are not covered by most insurance companies in Utah; however, most diagnostic procedures are covered. We try to be as efficient and cost effective as possible in our evaluation and treatment plans. We don't want cost to keep any couple from pursuing evaluation of their situation and treatment options, so we offer many discount programs based on ability to pay.

We also offer innovative programs to help couples afford therapy including IVF multiple cycle discount packages, competitive financing, and others.  Our patient liaisons work with couples to help them choose the best treatment option. Our billing staff are available to discuss potential costs of diagnostic testing and treatment. Free financial consults can be scheduled if desired or E-mail


Patient Education Seminars Scheduled for 9/8/2015

Pleasant Grove: Dr. John Gililland will discuss pregnancy options after you have had a tubal ligation. He will discuss tubal reversal options, success rates, and when IVF may be required. Register
Layton: Dr. Brad Swelstad will discuss the causes of and treatments for infertility. This seminar will include a video presentation. Register
Sandy: Angie Downward, Fertility Nurse Practitioner will present and update on the causes of infertility and their treatments. Register

RCC's Tubal Reversal Surgery Program

RCC physicians offer tubal reversal surgery at Alta View Hospital using a mini laparotomy technique. Our specialists have extensive experience performing microscopic tubal surgery. Dr John Gililland directs our tubal reversal program. Learn More.

Special Discount on Single Cycle IVF Price

$6,900 plus $1,000 for monitoring. Out of town patients can have most of their monitoring done close to home if desired (at their own expense). Call or e-mail our billing staff at for details on this special deal for our patients.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine Article:
"Choosing an Infertility Specialist"

Five things physicians and patients should question. Read article.

RCC OB/GYN Community Outreach Program

Our infertility specialists are now offering consults, in conjunction with several OB/GYN offices in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Please see the locations page for information and scheduling.

Electronic Medical Records eIVF Increases Infertility Patient Convenience

We have an Electronic Medical Record System, eIVF. The eIVF patient portal allows patients to securely enter their important demographic and medical information for their new appointments. It also provides access to secure electronic communications, lab results and other pertinent information during your care. Click on the hyperlinks below to access the patient portal. Please call the front desk if you need a password.